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The Scotia Precision Barometer (SPB) is a newly developed product designed to meet the needs of those requiring a high accuracy barometer in a convenient portable unit suitable for field and laboratory use. A number of customers utilise this unit as a substitute for the now unavailable Druck DPI 740.
The unit has an accuracy of ±0.015% FS (0.09 mbara) across it’s range of 700-1300mbara and a stability of ±50ppm FS per annum. In addition to aviation, the unit is capable of exceeding the requirements of a wide range of barometric applications, including establishing barometric references prior to deployment of Subsea ROVs etc. For aeronautical applications the unit includes calculated avionics parameters including QNH, QFE, QFF & MSL Altitude.
The SPB has an integrated logging function and data can be downloaded via Bluetooth or to a USB memory stick. It is operated via a touchscreen and conveniently packaged in a robust case with rechargeable battery.
Further details on the data-sheet.
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In addition to our own product ranges, Scotia represents major instrument manufacturers and our internal sales team can be relied upon to source and supply equipment to your exact specifications. Our pricing structures are competitive and Scotia aim to meet your commercial needs.

Our external sales staff will advise on product application demonstrate equipment for your personnel and ensure your exact needs are met.